Brad Pitt Sporting His Look From 10 Years Ago! Back to Scruffy Long Haired Hottie (Photos)

Brad Pitt - Then & Now

Brad Pitt was spotted promoting his upcoming release and passion project Moneyball – the tale of the Oakland A’s baseball team. And something about his look at the press conference seemed very familiar….we’d seen this style before but it wasn’t last week, last month or last year. Brad Pitt was sporting a style that he had ten years ago!

But his look isn’t identical. There is more gray in his beard now, his hair has bright blond highlights, and he is far more tan. But the ruggedly handsome image, the sculpted scruffiness and the selection of a velvet jacket have stayed the same.

Check out more pics of the timeless handsomeness that is Brad Pitt right here!

  • Brad Pitt 1 of 6
    Brad Pitt
    Wore a velvet jacket to the Moneyball press conference.
  • Brad Pitt 2 of 6
    Brad Pitt
    Looking much blonder these days.
  • Brad Pitt 3 of 6
    Brad Pitt
    And his tan really works on him.
  • Brad Pitt 4 of 6
    Brad Pitt
    Along with Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • Brad Pitt 5 of 6
    Brad Pitt
    All smiles in Toronto.
  • Brad Pitt from 2002 – 6 of 6
    Brad Pitt from 2002 -
    Almost ten years ago!


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