Brad Pitt Takes the Twins to a Playground: Pitt's a Regular Dad!

Brad Pitt Vivienne Knox playground
Brad Pitt, just your everyday dad!

Brad Pitt is just your everyday, regular dad. By Hollywood standards, it looks like Pitt is keeping it as real as possible with his kids.

Brad Pitt was spotted taking his twins, Vivienne and Knox, to a Hollywood playground last week, snapping pics with his cell phone, and enjoying the afternoon with his toddlers.

See photos of Brad Pitt with Vivienne and Knox at the playground.

How old are Vivienne and Knox Jolie-Pitt now? Vivienne and Knox are 2-years-old… where has the time gone?

Angelina Jolie and the other children were nowhere in sight, but it’s nice to see Pitt just taking some alone time with the twins – doing normal kid stuff.

Still, you have to wonder how annoying it gets to have cameras capturing your every move. Shouldn’t there be a law that protects celeb kids from being photographed?

I love to see what Brad and Angelina’s kids are looking like, but I’d rather the couple release their own pictures, rather than have the paparazzi stalking them.

Image: PRPhotos

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