Brad Pitt Tree of Life Cannes: Talks Tough Parenting Style, But He's Joking!

brad pitt tree of life cannes
Brad Pitt The Tree of Life at Cannes

Brad Pitt’s “The Tree of Life” Cannes premiere had the actor talking openly about his kids, but Pitt is likely to get some heat for some of the things he said about his parenting style.

During a discussion of The Tree of Life with the press, Pitt talks about his own Christian upbringing, saying that although “there’s a purity and a sweetness in the [Southern Christian] mothers,” that he also “found it very stifling.”

His own parenting style is very different, he says. “I beat my kids regularly,” Pitt says, adding, “It seems to do the trick. And I deprive them of meals.”

Keep in mind, Brad Pitt said this all in a joking manner and he got some big laughs at the press conference.

Obviously, Pitt is kidding, but I’m willing to bet money that not all parents will take well to Pitt’s joking comments about child abuse and neglect.

What do you think of Brad Pitt’s joke about his parenting style? I’m willing to let it go because I know that he’s just going for a joke… Was it in good taste? Yeah, probably not so much.