Brad Pitt's Breakdown!



Brad Pitt had a breakdown!  Why?  Are he and Angelina Jolie fighting?  Is he having a difficult time caring for all six of their kids while Angie works on Salt?  Is his work stressing him out?  Did the twins start walking and he’s frazzled trying to keep up with them?

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None of the above… he had a breakdown on his motorbike, or more specifically, his motorbike had a breakdown.

Pitt suffered some difficulties with his vintage motorcycle near the Franklin Village in Los Angeles on Thursday, July 2.  He bummed a ride with a paparazzo and left his bike on the street.

Good thing Brad wasn’t on his way to the hospital because Angie was in labor, about to pop another baby out (assuming, you know, she was pregnant again, which she technically could be, but they have not made any sort of announcement *ahem*), but he probably wouldn’t ride his motorbike to the hospital anyway, more like he’d drive his lady love in a car or some other vehicle, or have someone drive them.  That was a big sentence.  My apologies.

Brad and his bike are just fine, oh yes, I mean fiiiinnne.

Lots more photos at the ‘source’ below.


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