Brad Rocks Out, Pax Passes Out at Green Day Concert


brad-pitt-pax-green-dayIn an attempt to be “Mr. Cool Dad,” Brad Pitt took his boys Maddox and Pax to a Green Day concert in New Orleans last week. Unfortunately, the band’s demographics have apparently shifted a little, and his boys were having trouble relating to adult pop/punk.

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture is a pretty straightforward sign that Green Day fans are getting old. Sorry, older.

While 8 year-old Maddox seems to be trying to cultivate an appreciation for daddy’s music, 5 year-old Pax apparently just wanted ear plugs and a nap.

Let’s face it, Green Day’s break-through album “Dookie” came out in 1994, when Brad was living with Juliette Lewis and smoking weed every day… and waiting for Legends of the Fall to hit theaters.

I wonder if Brad’s a big Green Day fan, or if he just went to the show out of nostalgia? Obviously, Angie didn’t bother checking out the show… or maybe Brad and Angie are breaking up (sorry, just had to throw that in there).