Brad Womack and Emily Maynard Break up: No New Stepdad for Ricki

brad womack emily maynard
Brad Womack and Emily Maynard breakup!

Despite the couple’s claims that Emily Maynard and daughter Ricki were moving to Texas to be closer to Brad Womack, the couple has broken up!

Life & Style is reporting that Emily called Brad over the weekend of April 9 and broke off their engagement.

Insiders are saying that Brad Womack hasn’t been acting like a fiance to Emily Maynard and she’s worried he could cheat on her.

Emily and Brad haven’t formally announced that they have broken up, but according to Life & Style, ABC recently called Emily Maynard to remind her that, as per her contract, she isn’t allowed to discuss her relationship without the network’s permission.

I understand a clause like that when the show is going on, but it seems a little strange that it would continue after that.

If the Brad Womack-Emily Maynard breakup rumors are true this time, little Ricki won’t be getting a new stepdad anytime soon!