Brad Womack Buying a New House for Emily Maynard and Daughter Ricki?

brad womack and emily maynard still together
Brad Womack and Emily Maynard update

Brad Womack is working like crazy when he’s not with fiancee Emily Maynard (yes, The Bachelor’s Brad and Emily are still together!) – could he be saving up to buy a new home for Emily and her daughter Ricki?

The buzz according to one of Brad’s co-workers is that Bachelor Brad is working at one of his four bars in Austin, Texas every day, reports

According to the source, “Brad along with the three other owners share all the duties together. They do all the work for all the bars. He is working all the time when he’s here and not with Emily.”

Gotta love a working man who isn’t just living large on his reality show paychecks!

Is Brad working so much to save for his future with Emily and Ricki? One can only speculate that the he’s stashing cash to buy a new house for his new family.

While Brad and Emily fight the break up rumors (Brad removed himself from Twitter to distance himself from the chatter), Brad has been seen playing dad to Emily’s daughter.

Will Brad Womack be a good dad to Emily Maynard’s daughter? We’d say he’s off to a great start!