Brad Womack House Hunting: Emily Maynard & Daughter Ricki Ready To Move?

Brad Womack Emily Maynard
Brad Womack Ready For Emily Maynard & Daughter To Move?

Brad Womack has been house hunting in his home town of Austin, Texas, and he’s been looking at homes that are much bigger than your average bachelor pad! Supposedly Brad looked at a 4 bedroom 3 bath home in a gated community, which sounds like the perfect place to start his new life with Emily Maynard and her daughter, Ricki.

The Bachelor Brad Womack and Emily Maynard are still together, but is she really ready to move all the way across the country with her daughter? One of her neighbors said, “Her house isn’t for rent, her dogs just had puppies and Ricki’s in school. I don’t she’s planning on uprooting any time soon.”

There have been rumors that Emily and Ricki would move to Austin for the summer to try things out, but it would still be a huge change for both of them.

As of now, Emily hasn’t announced any plans to move to Austin, and I wouldn’t believe anything unless it came straight from her. Looks like she and Brad will be doing the long distance thing for the time being.