Brad Womack May Be The New Bachelor--But That Doesn't Mean He'll Find Love

brad womack
The Bachelor, once more, Brad Womack.

So it’s official: Brad Womack will be returning to The Bachelor to try his hand at TV-created love once again. The first ever two-time Bachelor took to Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show to discuss his much-anticipated (or not at all anticipated?) return to the show where he famously left two women standing at the end, walking away without a partner.

Womack, 37, admitted to DeGeneres that it really was him, not the two women (DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft), that caused him to leave the show still single. “I definitely have or had commitment issues,” Womack said. “More importantly that process is difficult. I thought that I was as open as I was supposed to be and clearly wasn’t.” Um, have issues? Is Womack admitting he still may not be ready for love?

While he did tell DeGeneres he’s returning to the show because he really does “believe it can work,” he also acknowledged the possibility that it may not. DeGeneres presented him with the potential of going through the entire process again and not finding someone he loves. “I would walk away,” Womack said, if he were in that situation again. “I take this very seriously. I know it’s tough to believe it’s a television show but…I am a completely different person. I don’t want to visit that thought…”

We just hope he’s prepared to receive lots of angry fan mail if he does, in fact, walk away once more.