Deanna Pappas: Emily Maynard Is A Great Mom

Brad Womack Emily Maynard
Deanna Pappas Happy For Brad Womack & Emily Maynard

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard may have taken a beating in the tabloids lately, but the couple is still very much together, and they definitely have a fan in Deanna Pappas! Deanna may have been rejected by Brad when she was on his first season of The Bachelor, but now she is rooting for Emily and Brad to work out.

Deanna says that she saw a whole different side of Brad when he was with Emily, and she thinks that it is wonderful that he has been spending time with his new love and her daughter Ricki now that the show is over.

It sounds like Deanna thinks that Brad is a good father figure for Ricki, and she also commented that she thinks very highly of Emily Maynard. She said, “She seems like a great girl, a great mother, and someone who can balance Brad out.”

Emily and Brad seem to be moving in the right direction…I’m rooting for them too!