Brad Womack Says He's Best Buds With Emily Maynard's Daughter Ricki

Brad Womack Emily Maynard
Brad Womack Loves Emily Maynard and her Daughter

The Bachelor Brad Womack and Emily Maynard are still together, despite reports that the couple has already called it quits. Some people just refuse to accept that Emily and Brad are happy, and they have to work every angle to try and pick apart their relationship.

Some tabloids have even gone so far as to suggest that Emily is moving just to make her fans happy and that she isn’t putting her daughter first. Emily Maynard is a great mom, and even Brad’s ex, Deanna Pappas is backing her up!

Brad recently visited Emily and Ricki in their hometown of Charlotte, N.C., and he posted the following update to his Twitter account when asked about Ricki:

“Ricki actually instantly became my best bud; not shy at all. Great lil girl.”

Brad also expressed how sad he was to leave Emily and Ricki and tweeted, “@ CLT arpt about 2 board w a heavy heart; leaving my 2 girls. If I had enough $ on me Id take a cab straight back to Ems house. Luv ya babe!”

Brad has since quit using Twitter because he wants to stay a little more out of the spotlight…probably so he can keep his time spent with Emily and Ricki more private. Sounds like he cares about them and their well being quite a bit!