Bradgelina Breakup - Good for The Gossip Biz


9876068_0-191x3001No wonder everyone jumped on the Bradgelina breakup rumor train…it’s not only juicy gossip but it’s apparently profitable!

The dynamic duo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt not only packs a punch at the box offices but when news, especially break-up news, hits it’s packs on the viewers for TV gossips shows. Get this… reported that the rumor of the breakup had the following impact on ratings, “Entertainment Tonight’s ratings went up 17%, Inside Edition’s went up 6%, 5% for both Access Hollywood and TMZ, and Insider Weekend even went up by 33% for a new-season high.”

No wonder The News Of World printed the break-up news in the first place…it sounds like it was in their business plan!

Did you find yourself tuning into tabloid TV shows to see what was going on with Bradgelina?


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