Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger Fly Off To Spain and With Them Go Jennifer Aniston's Baby Dreams


bradley-cooper-renee-zellweger-jennifer-anistonI like Bradley Cooper. A LOT. Which is why I was so damn upset when I saw these pictures of him jetting off to Spain with Renee Zellweger. Okay, so I stopped returning his calls – is that any reason to go and run off with Renee?

Besides, I was hoping he and Jennifer Aniston would work it out – after all, she’s been looking for someone to marry and start making babies with, and he seemed like the perfect guy. Except for when he forgets to replace the toilet paper roll – that really got on my nerves.

Apparently Bradley and Renee have been sneaking around together like a couple of middle-schoolers during passing period. Even on this trip, the Case 39 co-stars did their best to keep their distance when they were taking off from JFK, but were seen alongside each other when they touched down in Spain hours later. Why the secrecy? Maybe Bradley’s keeping his options open, in case he decides to give Jennifer another chance. Maybe he’ll come back, make her Jennifer Cooper and they’ll have four children over the next three years.

If not, Bradley – I can totally live with the toilet paper thing.