Brad's New Ride Has 4 Wheels


brad-pitt-new-camaro-ssAfter taking a scary dive on his hog last weekend, it looks like Brad’s decided to switch to a safer, more family-friendly ride — don’t worry it’s not a minivan. Brad’s new Camaro has 4-wheels and seatbelts (much safer), yet it can still turn heads and burn rubber.  I’m sure that’s welcome news to his family, who’re probably thanking their lucky stars that daddy’s not in a body cast.

At least the new Camaro can haul kids around. Of course, maybe that’s exactly what Brad likes so much about his motorcycles — they’re grown-up machines… no kids allowed.

As much as I can identify with the need to get away from it all and go cruising, motorcycles are definitely a pretty large and unnecessary health risk — especially when you have 6 kids. I mean, there’s really no minor accident. Well, OK, last Saturday’s fall was one of the very few minor motorcycle fender benders.

Brad used up his one “get out of jail free” card last weekend. Do you think Brad seen the light and decided to hang up the Easy Rider fantasies for a few years? Or is he just buying a car to appease Angie and the kids?