Brancusi Kiss: Brancusi Google Doodle Celebrates 135th Birthday

brancusi kiss
Brancusi Kiss Featured in Google Doodle Today

Have you checked out the Brancusi Kiss Google Doodle today? It’s kind of hard to make out the Google letters on this one, and it’s definitely clever! Constantin Brancusi is honored with the Google Doodle today to celebrate his 135th birthday.

The Brancusi Google Doodle includes not only The Kiss, but also features a few more of his famous sculptures, Promethues Bound, Sleeping Muse, Mademoiselle Pogany, and Bird in Space.

Constantin Brancusi was one of the founders of modern sculpture, and is considered to be as important as Pablo Picasso as far as his influence on the art world goes.

What do you think of the Brancusi Kiss Google Doodle?


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