Brandi Glanville Gives Out Her Best Parenting Advice Yet


Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 10.11.21 PMIt looks like Brandi Glanville and I have something in common here: we both have picky eaters at home. While my 3-year-old son has no problem eating anything in front of him, it’s a mini-battle to have my 6-year-old daughter finish her plate at dinner. It’s more than likely that Brandi Glanville has a similar situation at home, as she just posted some great parenting advice on Twitter for her fans.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star wrote:

If u want ur kids to eat what u make-put a small amount in the middle of the table to share ( have plenty extra but do not share that info)!

I’ve actually never thought about that, as I usually just serve dinner the traditional way (and then battle with it before, during and after!) but it looks like Brandi might have a good idea that will work here. I’m definitely going to try and serve my dinner on a plate in the middle of our table and will see if my kids are going to nimble on it or not. It’s always worth a try, right?

And yes, this is the best parenting advice I’ve ever heard from Brandi Glanville, too. Keep them coming, girlfriend!

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