Brandi Glanville Lets Her Kids Do Her Hair And Make Up

Mommy Makeover

How cute is this! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville posted a picture of herself after her two boys Mason and Jake did their mother’s hair and make-up.

Brandi posted the picture with a caption stating that while she had fun, she’s not going to leave the house in her new ‘do!

It looks like the Cibrian boys had one fun-filled Easter weekend though as before they spent Easter Sunday with their famous mother, they got to open their presents early with their dad Eddie Cibrian and stepmom LeAnn Rimes, who also posted a picture of her “fabulous Easter boys” on her Twitter, account too.

I bet those boys have to feel awfully special celebrating each holiday twice. Check out our photos that Brandi and LeAnn have tweeted and tell us what you think.

  • Too Cute! 1 of 5
    Too Cute!
    It looks like someone was enjoying his Easter weekend with his mom.
  • Fabulous Eater Boys 2 of 5
    Fabulous Eater Boys
    LeAnn Rimes posted this picture of her "fabulous Easter boys."
  • Easter Basket Fun 3 of 5
    Easter Basket Fun
    It looks like someone got legos from the Easter bunny this year.
  • Mommy Makeover 4 of 5
    Mommy Makeover
    What do you think of Brandi's look?
  • Fun With Mom 5 of 5
    Fun With Mom
    Brandi even spent a little time coloring with her boys.

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