Brandi Glanville Might Lose Her Kids Because Of Her Quickie Wedding

Brandi and her um, husband.

While many of us moms out there enjoyed our glass or two (or three) of mommy juice on New Year’s Eve, there were some celebrity moms out there who  decided to get married in Las Vegas for um, “fun.”

Britney Spears Brandi Glanville did just that, as she and a good friend of hers, Darin Harvey got hitched in Vegas over the holiday weekend. While it was supposedly done in good fun (because that’s what divorced moms do, right?) some are suggesting that Brandi’s wild night out might land her in a little bit of hot water.

There’s a chance that her mommy juice-fueled extravaganza might have long-term consequences for the mom-of-two who shares her sons, Mason and Jake, with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian. Brandi has taken some pot shots at Eddie and his new wife LeAnn Rimes in the past year (remember Brandi’s comment about LeAnn being “overprotective” and her doing that little “jig” when Eddie’s Playboy show got canceled?), so it’s pretty safe to say that Team Eddie will probably go after Brandi for this act of foolery and call her out on her very non-mommy behavior.

Let’s hope this won’t be the case as we all have her moments, but then again so did Britney Spears and even she’s learned to put herself together for the sake of her two kids. And plus, getting married in Las Vegas is so 2004. What would be more interesting to see is  someone like Rosie O’Donnell getting buzzed on eating hot dogs by the dozen in Coney Island and making the ill-decision to marry her lover in some courthouse in Upstate New York and that have it annulled 78 hours later.

That’s more of a year 2012 story, right? Sorry, Brandi, but Las Vegas weddings make me yawn. On top of that, doesn’t anyone take marriage seriously anymore? It’s going to be hard to side with Brandi for this “joke marriage” when she felt so victimized after Eddie left her for LeAnn after ten years of marriage. What is this teaching the kids?