Brandi Glanville Shares New Dating Advice For Single Moms


91428PCN_Glanville01According to Brandi Glanville, there are some things that single moms can and simply can’t do when it comes to dipping their toes and getting back into the dating scene. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently shared her best tips for moms looking to give love a second chance.

In a new video chat sponsored by Google Plus, the mother-of-two tells her fans that the biggest no-no is to definitely never introduce your children to your dates.

“First of all. It’s been four years and no one’s met my children,” Brandi says. “I have some guy friends…they’re single dads and they bring every girlfriend they have around and the kids are so confused to the point where they hate every new girlfriend because they think that she’s gonna leave. So I just think protecting your kids.”

She added, “Make sure it’s the real deal before your bring your family into it because if that person goes it’s a heartbreak for your children.”

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