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Brandi Glanville Slams LeAnn Rimes on Wendy Williams: Calls LeAnn "Overbearing" Stepmom (Video)

By WendyM |

Brandi Glanville Leann Rimes fight Wendy Williams Twitter video

Brandi Glanville disses LeAnn Rimes as a stepmother

Brandi Glanville got her slam in on LeAnn Rimes during an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show (video), criticizing LeAnn for being an “overbearing” stepmom!

First, Wendy Williams asked Brandi Glanville to dish the dirt on Eddie Cibrian’s affair with Rimes, including how she found out.

No doubt, Brandi, who’s pimping “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” was hurt by the affair, but Wendy Williams pushes a little more to see what Glanville thinks of Rimes.

Williams asks, “How is LeAnn as a stepmother?”

“Overbearing,” replies Glanville, adding, “well sorry, she is!”


Wendy Williams stirred the pot by tweeting: “Find out what @BrandiGlanville has to say about her ex-husband’s new wife @leannrimes.”

LeAnn was quick to fire back on Twitter: “@WendyWilliams thought YOU were better than this….disappointed. Guess there are no other questions to ask though.”

LeAnn also defended herself on Twitter, noting: “I am his WIFE & their ‘bonus mom’ and it’s out of line after 3 years to continually discuss. Negativity does not help kids. Go promote your show if that’s what you’re really there to do.”

Rimes added, “I however will not be lied about. Obviously we are not in a good place like has been claimed and it’s not good for the kids. I’d like to see some resolve, but that doesn’t look like its happening anytime soon. #hopeforthebest.”

What do you think of Brandi Glanville’s comment? And should Wendy Williams be stirring the pot like that?

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12 thoughts on “Brandi Glanville Slams LeAnn Rimes on Wendy Williams: Calls LeAnn "Overbearing" Stepmom (Video)

  1. leannisnothevictim says:

    Did Brandi REALLY slam Leann? All she said was that Leann was overbearing, which based on everything that we have seen from Leann (her tweets, blogs, staged photo-ops, and twitter attacks that Leann encourages against BG by sending her “fans” personal information about BG, EC, and their kids) was the truth.

    If negativity doesn’t help the kids then how come Leann, Darrel Brown, and Leann’s road manager sit on twitter every week trying to bait BG into a twitter fight by talking about her and her kids? LR stages a photo-op with those kids EVERY WEEK just to show BG that she can do whatever she wants whenever she wants with BG and EC kids.

    Leann doens’t want this resolved because as everyone has noticed, it’s LR who is at the center of it all. LR sends her “fans” personal information about BG and even has them attack BG. LR wants things resolved yet she shows at an airport once again SWF BG? If LR wanted things resolved why is LR even tweeting about those kids considering what EC wrote in court documents?

    LR was just upset because she probably felt that BG statement was going to ruin the “happy family/devoted bonus mom” photo-ops she has staged for today with those kids.

  2. Gina says:

    It just proves that Brandi is a piece of trash ! That she would place her own feelings above that of her children is just disgusting. No wonder Eddie left her !
    I’m sure LeAnn is a GREAT stepmom- Helping raise someone else’s kids is NOT an easy job ! And to be criticised by their biological parent when they are trying really hard to be a loving, kind and supportive person isn’t an easy pill to swallow. Brandi should be happy that LeAnn is a kind person, and is trying to be positive for the kids sake- which is more than she is doing. Brandi- It doesn’t matter if you are bitter and angry over your husband leaving you, think of your kids and their feelings and how embarassing your comments must be to them. But I guess that’s what you can expect from someone on a show where your only “talent” is lambasting others cause you have no value as a person. Ms Williams is a talk show host, all they care about is ratings. Brandi could ahve taken the high road and chose NOT to- shame on you ! LeAnn, you keep rocking sweetheart. When the kids are grown they will thank you for trying to makes their lives better instead of their petty biological mother being as negative and immature as possible.

  3. bergfest says:

    i absolutely detest leann rimes. i completely think eddie cibrian married leann for money- there is no question whatsoever, he is a golddigger. She is not attractive, never has been, never will be no matter how skinny she gets, fake boobs, plastic surgery, etc. He and Brandy used to joke about her nostrils and how you can see straight up her nose it is so flared. HE USED TO DISS HER LOOKS CONTINUALLY !!! HELLO Leann!!!!!!!!!! It is pitiful you think he truly loves you. I have been a Brandy follower for a while. She is absolutely gorgeous, and did not deserve such disgusting treatment. No woman does. I am GLAD Eddie Cibrian’s show got cancelled. The truth of the matter is : NO WOMAN Wants to see Eddie succeed after his callous treatment of another human being, so no viewers , especially women, will tune in. The producers got wise to this REALLY QUICK> Eddie, your career is OVER. Maybe you can get a job as a roadie for Leann LOL!!! HAVe a nice life both of you. Hope you can handle sleeping with someone you are not attracted too!!!!!!

  4. leannisnothevictim says:


    It’s a little to late for this don’t you think? If LR was selective in what she tweeted and blogged about, then you won’t have to go from site to site depicting BG as the villian because she won’t sit back and take what EC and LR are dishing out.

    How exactly is BG a piece a trash? Because she didn’t sugarcoat LR “devoted bonus mom” image? What about how Eddie Cibrian has allowed Leann Rimes, Darrell Brown, and LR road manager to trash BG on twitter for weeks now? When did EC leave BG? EC didnt’ leave BG, it’s why EC called LR a speedbump. If LR was a great, kind, loving, or supporting step mother, then she wouldn’t be tweeting about those boys or gearing up to parade them in front of the paps today or this week like she does EVERY WEEK. LR isn’t raising BG and EC kids, she is exploiting them for her own personal gain and at times uses them to taunt BG. Shouldn’t EC be thinking about his kids? How many Mondays is EC going to sit back and allow LR and DB to use twitter as a forum to attack BG? Sounds like Leann is upset because BG is getting attention and support, something that LR seems to think belongs to her. How odd that LR and her people are upset about BG being on a talk show when Leann went on Ellen and talked about her affair with Eddie Cibrain and even sat down with Maya Angelou to talk about BG and EC kids. So why didn’t Leann take the high road? The kids are not going to thank Eddie Cibrain because everyone has seen how EC hasn’t taken the highroad. Did you see all the mean and nasty things Leann tweeted about BG yesterday and today? Now if EC was taking the high road why was Leann even tweeting those things about BG and EC? And do you really think that you are going to get sympathy for LR by writing these nasty comments about BG, the same ones that you are writng on twitter? The same tweets that LR is supporting and encouraging? Perhaps the next time you go after BG, maybe you should make sure that LR doesn’t go on a twitter tantrum and posts all those nasty things about BG.

  5. Ella says:

    Did Leann Rimes REALLY tweet that to Wendy Williams? Then she should ASK EVERY SINGLE TALK SHOW HOST THAT HAS HAD HER ON HER SHOW if they are BETTER THAN THAT!!! Because they ALL ask Leann about the AFFAIR and Leann sure does LOVE TO TALK ABOUT IT!!! So maybe she should lay off whatever little bit Brandi has to say about it and promote her new album at her appearances if that’s what she is really there to do. All she seems to do, (Leann), is tweet her personal life and promote her sham of a marriage!

  6. leannisnothevictim says:


    You do know that people saved the mean and nasty tweets that Leann made about BG and her marriage to EC over the weekend and on Monday don’t you? All of this could have been avoided had Leann Rimes laid low, closed the twitter account or stopped tweeting about BG and EC kids, and of course stop encouraging DB, her road manager, and her “fans” to attack BG. It’s funny, that you want to criticize BG for talking about EC affair and LR as a stepmother, when LR did the very same thing with Maya Angelou. So I’m interested in seeing if Leann would cancel the airing of that interview since she and her camp are up in arms over one word that BG said.

    Will Leann staged yet another photo-op with BG and EC kids since she is such a loving, kind, great, and supportive bonus mom. I hope LR doesn’t disappont.

  7. Ken says:

    Every bit of this entire ordeal is DISGUSTING. LeAnne Rimes is an adulterer. Eddie Cibrian is an adulterer. They flaunt it with no shame. Wendy Williams is shameful for making a living as a GOSSIPER. All of this mess is UNGODLY and if you claim to be a CHRISTIAN as 80% of Americans do then you can know that allowing this type of behavior to be GLORIFIED is detestable in the Lord’s eyes. This is what our nation has become. GLORIFICATION OF SIN and CELEBRITY. I feel bad for Brandi Glanville and her children. She seems sweet and not only did she get USED by a poor excuse for a man but now Wendy Williams snookered her into being USED yet again to get Wendy ratings. But then again Wendy is a sorry excuse for a man as well….eh? What a sad and depraved time we live in.

  8. leannisnothevictim says:

    Didn’t Ellen and Maya Angelou ask Leann questions about her affair with EC and EC and BG kids? So then does that make Ellen and Maya Angelou gossipers as well?

  9. Jerri says:


  10. bergfest says:

    i hope brandy becomes uber rich, successful, and blissfully happy with her live after eddie. i think leann is no victim is absolutely right and spot on with every comment. leann is the lowest of white trash (isnt she from east texas?). how can she really think her popularity will be restored? same as eddie, she is now tarnished and will NEVER be a big star again. who in the heck would care about buying her records? the only hit she really ever had was blue… and how many years ago was that?? she screwed up BIG time. I mean BIG! She should hire a new PR firm stat and try to fix her mess… the public HATES her and Eddie!!! If they would have handled this differently perhaps the public opinion would not be so low, but too late. It was all on twitter and cant be erased. She keeps on firing comments off and it does so much damage to her reputation to keep attacking the boys mom. PLEASE! They will freaking hate you when they are older and see all of this online. Just like Ashton Kutchers stepkids, you think they like him right now? He CHEATED on their mom. CHEATERS PAY!!! Leann is a CHEATER too!!! Brandy- too pretty for words and hope she finds happiness. She deserves a great guy. I would slap a restraining order on that bitch (Leann) if she gets too out of hand

  11. cammy says:

    Brandi is just stunning! I hope she finds true happiness! Leann is just disgusting! I hope her money never runs out because thats when her ” husband” will run out too! And all the money she has spent trying to look like Brandi is not helping, she is still ugly !

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