Brandi Glanville Stylish at LAX - A Day Late! (Photos)


Brandi Glanville is back in Los Angeles, but she arrived a day late! The single mom and one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was supposed to fly back yesterday but tweeted, “I may have had so much fun with @BravoAndy last night that I missed my flight this am! Xxxb.” But she caught the red eye last night and arrived at LAX on Friday morning.  And even though she partied hard and just got off a long flight, she still looked great! And, yes, she was toting that Stella McCartney bag.  Check out more photos of Brandi’s arrival back to Los Angeles right here:

  • Brandi 1 of 5
    Brandi as she arrived back in Los Angeles!
  • A Wave 2 of 5
    A Wave
    Brandi gave a wave to her fans as she arrived back home.
  • LAX 3 of 5
    Brandi was traveling light as she arrived at LAX (someone else was surely dealing with her bags).
  • The Bag 4 of 5
    The Bag
    And she was spotted again with the Stella McCarthney bag, the same style that LeAnn Rimes was spotted with yesterday.
  • Casual and Comfortable 5 of 5
    Casual and Comfortable
    Brandi wore a stylish, casual and comfortable looking ensemble for her flight.