Brandi Glanville vs. Kate Gosselin: Which Hot Mom Style Do You Prefer?


When it comes to Brandi Glanville and Kate Gosselin, both ladies are reality television stars and mothers who love to court controversy when it comes to their personal lives and ex-husbands. And wouldn’t you know, but both ladies are also set to appear on the upcoming season of Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t wait to find out if these two ladies are going to end up being friends or foes on the show!

Well, both ladies were spotted filming a segment for the show while they were in Central Park in New York City. I couldn’t help but notice that both Brandi and Kate were looking oh so yummy, with Brandi wearing a figure-hugging pink dress and Kate in a pastel number. Say what you will about both ladies, but there is no denying that Brandi Glanville and Kate Gosselin are two very yummy mummys!

Check out our photos below and tell us, which mama style do you prefer, Brandi’s or Kate’s? And if it weren’t for the captions on some of these photos, I’d think that these two ladies were the same person. They look so much alike (at least in their personal style along with hair and make-up!).








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