Brandon Stokley Matt Hasselbeck Lead NFL Upset, Elizabeth Hasselbeck's Brother-in-Law?


elizabeth-hasselbeckBrandon Stokley and Matt Hasselbeck created a huge upset in the 2011 NFL playoffs tonight! Brandon Stokley and Matt Hasselbeck led the Seahawks to a 41-36 win in the NFL wildcard playoffs. But what non-football fans want to know is this: Is Matt Hasselbeck the husband of The View cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck?

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is NOT wife of Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. She’s his sister-in-law!

The former reality TV star and co-host of The View is married to Tim Hasselbeck, the younger brother of Matt.  Tim Hasselbeck is a former NFL player who currently works as an NFL analyst for ESPN.The often controversial host of The View was in the news recently because of a legal battle between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and self-published author Sue Hassett.
Hassett is suing Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Center Street Hachette Books because she claims Hasselbeck plagiarized a book she wrote about celiac disease. Sue Hassett says that the book The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide by The View host was taken from her self-published book.
Elizabeth Hasselbeck met her husband Tim at Boston College.  Tim was the quarterback for Boston College and the couple were college sweethearts.