Brandy Dancing with the Stars Elimination: DWTS Brandy, Maks on Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

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Brandy's Dancing with the Stars elimination was a shocker!

Brandy’s Dancing with the Stars elmination was nothing short of shocking last night… watch DWTS’ Brandy and Maks on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the video below.

Jimmy Kimmel was also shocked by Brandy’s Dancing with the Stars elmination, describing Bristol Palin’s move to the finals as “Hurricane Bristol.”

Jimmy Kimmel said “This was an outrage… true?” Adding that Brandy had a perfect score on one of her DWTS semi-finals and that Brandy and Maks couldn’t have been expecting elimination.

Brandy is gracious, saying, “I hoped for the best and had no regrets,” noting that her confidence is back again.

Jimmy Kimmel asked “Do you believe there’s an organized tea party voting block?” (Read more about the Bristol Palin Tea Party conspiracy here, where comments are heating up!)

Maks says that there’s huge support for Bristol on Dancing with the Stars and said it’s up to the people to vote.

Jimmy Kimmel jokes, “I blame America for this.”

Kimmel also notes that Brandy is better at dancing than Bristol, but says that people may not vote because they think Brandy got perfect scores and will make it through.

Jimmy Kimmel then shows footage from DWTS, where Maks gets snippy with Carrie Ann… could that have cost Brandy and Maks DWTS votes?

(And just a sidenote: Brandy’s hand is pretty far up Maks’ thigh, no? And Maks keeps taking her hand and rubbing it? Just sayin.)

Were you surprised by Brandy’s Dancing with the Stars elmination?

Watch Brandy’s Dancing with the Stars semi-finals performance… how did she not make it to the finals?!?