Brad and Angelina Split: Who Knows The Real State Of Their Union?


picture-3Sharing the spotlight with the profound (Haiti) and the ridiculous (Jon Gosselin kisses new girlfriend at Sundance!), headlines and water coolers are a buzz about the precarious state of Brad and Angelina. Since the “news” first broke that there might be real trouble in Brangelina-ville, there’s been a steady stream of “are they or aren’t they (splitting that is…). So…are they or aren’t they?

Experts and inside sources have come out of the woodwork, providing a 24/7 running commentary on the real story behind the story or rather the real story behind the rumor. When the News of the World tabloid announced the news (we are using news loosely here) it was covered as fact by many a reliable source, possibly due to the long list of “facts” included. But just as quickly, the headlines pulled back and the story became less about if the famous couple was splitting and more about how and why the story was evolving and morphing as it is.

The latest voice on the scene is Ian Halperin, the guy who literally “wrote the book” — the Brangelina book that is. In an interview with Popeater, Halperin says he thinks the split is real and he shares his laundry list of items to support his hypothesis. From his relationship with the News of the World writer, to his analysis of how to know when a denial is really a denial (hint: when it comes from the source, not the source’s “people”) to a detailed breakdown of the Madonna/Guy Ritchie fallout and how Brad and Angie are following their course, Halperin does make a convincing case.

But any savvy celebrity news devotee knows that at any minute, another convincing tidbit (they’re going to the Oscars, wait, maybe they’re not!) might throw us off course and reveal the Pitt-Jolie’s are considering adopting another baby, not negotiating a custody battle. So what’s a reader to do?

No doubt, as in most cases, where there’s smoke rumor, there’s fire a kernel of truth. But we’ll have to let the flurry of rumors/false-rumors/facts/retractions and denials (and yes, even award show red carpet appearances) take their course before we get to the heart of the matter.

What do you think? Does the evidence lead you to say “YES – looks like it’s splitsville! ” “Or “NO WAY – there’s is a love that will last forever!”