Braylon Edwards: What A Terrible Example For Kids

Braylon Edwards
Braylon Edwards Arrested for drunk driving

Don’t professional athletes understand how many kids look up to and idolize them? Every time Braylon Edwards comes onto the field for the New York Jets, he’s surrounded by kids cheering in the stands and watching the games at home.

Braylon was arrested this morning for drunk driving in New York City, making him just another athlete who is proving to be a terrible role model for children.

The New York Post is reporting that Edwards was pulled over at 5:15am and was charged with a DWI. The breathalyzer test he took came out twice the legal limit for the state of New York.

Evidence also came out that Braylon is not in charge of his own Twitter account, when the following was posted around 8 o’clock in the morning:

“Good Morning World…Winning is the goal, perfection is the aspiration, & dedication is the key to unlock the door #LetsWork.”

Something tells me that he won’t win this particular battle.


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