Breaking: Brett Favre Comes Back To The NFL As A Viking!


brett-favre-daughtersThis just in, Brett Favre officially thinks retirement sucks. Forget fishing and hanging out with his wife and 2 daughters, Brett just can’t stand to watch from the sidelines. He’s back… and he’s a Minnesota Viking!

There are too many details available at this point. Brett’s reportedly getting paid $10-12 million for a two-year contract. He’s scheduled a press conference at 6:00EST to make it official.

Ouch. Green Bay fans have got to be feeling the burn as one of their franchise’s most revered players has un-retired for the second time to join their arch rivals.

I get it, retirement sucks and maybe your kids don’t really want to spend all their waking hours spending quality time with dad… but Packers fans aren’t going to see it that way.

For football fans in general, this is some really exciting pre-season news. The Brett Favre comeback story just makes the season that much more interesting. The fact that he’s joining a veteran Viking team makes it a blockbuster.

Maybe Brett and Lance Armstrong should get together and form some kind of ‘retirement is for sissies’ challenge.