BREAKING: Conan O'Brien Out, Jay Leno In as Host of Tonight Show


jay-leno-replaces-conan-as-tonight-show-hostTMZ is reporting that Jay Leno is getting his one-hour, 11:35pm show back and it will be called, The Tonight Show, which means Conan O’Brien is out of a job. Wait – didn’t Leno already leave The Tonight Show to much fanfare? It’s kind of like having a big going-away party for someone who decides not to leave town. All you’re left with is resentment, a dirty apartment and a bunch of leftover hors d’oeuvres.

Sources say that the deal is still being finalized, but that it’s a sure thing if Conan O’Brien leaves the network — which he made obvious he is set to do in a statement he released today.

TMZ is also quoting a source as saying that Jay and Conan have not spoken with each other since the whole debacle got started. In other words, don’t expect these two to be having a sleepover and exchanging BFF bracelets anytime soon.

But it looks like Conan may not have much down time to kick back with his wife and kids on the beach – sources are saying that he’s already making a deal with Fox for a late night show from 11:00 PM to midnight.