Breaking Dawn- Bella's Baby Bump!


It’s a baby bump for Bella (Kristen Stewart) in Breaking Dawn! And not it’s just any baby bump, we find out as Bella rubs her belly.  It’s the baby bump from hell.  Clips from the Breaking Dawn trailer are out, and we learn Bella is definitely pregnant, and her situation is dangerous. Edward’s dad, Carlisle (played by Peter Facinelli), tells Bella the awful news, “The fetus is incompatible with your body. It’s too strong.”  If that isn’t bad enough, Edward further explains, “It’s crushing you from the inside out.”  And if poor Bella didn’t get the deadly news by now, Carlisle drills it home, “Your heart will give out before you deliver!”

Now what mom can’t commiserate with Bella just a little?  Don’t we all feel like there’s an alien growing in us at some point?  Remember, Rachel Zoe explaining,  “I’m pregnant with a baby/alien”??  Okay, so Bella is pregnant with a vampire. I get it, it’s different.  But still, doesn’t all of this just make a girl pause, and wonder, “What did I get myself into?!”

You can check out the video at  The site will be releasing more clips from the trailer as they become available.  Breaking Dawn hits theaters November 18.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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