Breaking Dawn: First Picture Of Edward Holding Baby Renesmee?!? (Photo)

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Breaking Dawn: First Photo of Edward Holding Renesmee?

Breaking Dawn is being filmed right now in Baton Rouge as Twilight Saga fans wait in total anticipation for Breaking Dawn’s release in November 2011. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart take their love to a whole new level in Breaking Dawn, as Edward and Bella get married and have a child together, half-human/half-vampire baby, Renesmee.

A new photo has surfaced from the Breaking Dawn set that may be the first picture of Edward holding his child, Renesmee for the very first time!

You can check out the photo here of Robert Pattinson and Alex Rice on the Breaking Dawn set. Alex Rice plays Sue Clearwater in Breaking Dawn. In the picture, Robert Pattinson has a little brown-haired baby in his arms.

How do you think Robert Pattinson looks as a first-time dad?