'Breaking Dawn': Volturi Featured in Extra Scenes?


Dakota FanningBreaking Dawn photos of the Volturi were published by MTV Crush last week but why are the Volturi shooting scenes already? The Volturi don’t enter the story in Breaking Dawn until the end of the story.

Are the Volturi are going to have a couple extra scenes, more than they did in the book?

MTV Crush reports on some of the rumors swirling about Breaking Dawn.

We already heard rumors that Alice is going to have a vision of the fight scene, and we’ll see that, but maybe there are going to be some shots of the Volturi when they find out about Bella and Edward’s baby to add some continuity to the films and amp up the suspense?

I don’t know about you but I am already counting down the days until Breaking Dawn!

In the photo featured in this post, Dakota Fanning is getting made-up ,while Christopher Heyerdahl shows off his fabulous hair and Jamie Campbell Bower watches the action.  In the photo below, we see Michael Sheen who will play Volturi’s most evil chief, Aro.  Sheen was one of the characters we totally missed in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

michael sheen

Photo: MTV Crush