Breaking: Is Gabriel Aubry Going To Seek Sole Custody Of Nahla?


Earlier today we told you how Halle and Gabriel have been working together and agreed on a short-term custody arrangement that would be reworked once expired. Things appeared to be amicable, but it seems all is not happy in post-breakup land.

Now that the news of the couple’s split has has hit the press, Gabriel is worried for Nahla amongst the media chaos and is considering seeking sole custody of his daughter. He would like to bring her to live with him in Canada, reports

Concern for his daughter isn’t Gabriel’s only reason for taking this action. If rumors are to be believed, then he is stewing over the stories that are beginning to come out. Specifically upsetting: News that the couple split because he was unable to support their child and unable to “pull his weight” in the relationship.

“Until the news of their split broke things were OK between him and Halle, but now he believes Halle’s team are putting all these stories out there that are just not true,” says a source. “Gabriel is not happy at how he is being portrayed, as some kind of dead beat dad that was living off of Halle and her celebrity. It couldn’t be any further from the truth. He loves that little girl more than anything, and he will fight tooth and nail to give her a decent, balanced, normal life away from the craziness of Hollywood.”

We truly hope this doesn’t get messy. We’ll keep you posted.