BREAKING: Jon Gosselin & Hailey Glassman Are Still In Love



Were you worried one of the great romances of 2009 was over?  I know I was concerned.  However, Jon Gosselin wants to reassure us that he and his 22-year-old hard-partying girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, are still every much in love.

According to In Touch, Jon and Hailey were on the outs but do not fret, Jon has set the record straight!

“We’re together and happy as ever.  In fact, she’s with me in Pennsylvania for the first time!”  So, apparently, the rumors of Jon being given the boot for his “cheating ways,” was just that, a rumor.

Soulmates forever.

Maybe this is the weekend where Jon introduces Hailey to his kids even though Kate has begged him not to?  Insert eye-roll here.  Jon, please, get a clue.