Breaking: Katherine Jackson Is Stripped Of Custody Of Michael Jackson's Kids

The Jackson Kids

As the Janet Jackson of the late eighties would say: nasty!

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson is turning in his grave today as it’s been announced that a judge has stripped his mother Katherine Jackson from having custody of his three children, Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket. Radar Online reports that Los Angeles Judge Mitchell Beckloff made the ruling in an emergency guardianship hearing Wednesday morning, appointing Tito Jackson‘s son as the temporary guardian of the kids. Tito of course is Michael’s 34-year-old nephew.

The judge ordered that singer Diana Ross, who Michael Jackson named as a backup guardian in his will, receive notice within 48 hours. Debbie Rowe, the mother of the children, must receive notice as well. Rowe is not named in the will.

If you haven’t been following the whole Jackson Family debacle recently, let me break it down the easiest way I can for you: it all began when the 82-year-old Jackson Family Matriarch was taken to Arizona against her will (my guess) by her siblings. Katherine’s grandchildren were unable to contact her during that time and she did not phone or text them. Randy Jackson later issued a statement that claimed Katherine was cut off from technology on doctor’s orders. It was then being assumed that this was a plot for a money grab by Michael Jackson’s siblings, who were cut out of his will in favor of Michael’s mother, and his children.

Of course we really don’t know what the truth is in this and will probably never find out, but quite honestly I’m just disappointed that Janet Jackson is involved in all of this. To think that she would be part of a plot to steal her brother Michael’s millions! It’s a sad day when Janet looks like the bizarre one and sister LaToya Jackson comes out looking sane, as she’s reportedly kept her distance from this hot mess of a family problem.

Let’s hope Michael’s kids can find peace in this, too. They deserve much more than what the Jackson family is currently handing them with this drama. What are your thoughts, Babble readers?

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