Breaking: Mario Lopez Going To Be A Dad!


Congrats to Mario Lopez who is going to be a dad! His Broadway dancer girlfriend, Courtney Laine Mazza, is three months pregnant.

Mario broke the news last month at his Super Bowl party.

A friend recalls, “With a huge smile on his face and surrounded by friends and family, Mario announced he was having a baby and handed out pricey cigars. After the initial shock, everyone was thrilled by the news, giving Mario hugs and high-fives.”

Pals say the 36-year-old is not looking into getting married soon. In any case, his mom is still thrilled at becoming a grandmother.

“She’s beaming and can’t stop talking about her new grandchild,” says a family friend. “She always wanted Mario to have children and keeps saying, ‘It’s about time. He isn’t getting any younger!'”

Maybe the baby will grow up and have the dance moves like Mario!