BREAKING NEWS: Barack Obama Was NOT Checking Out a Girl (VIDEO)



This just in: President Barack Obama was NOT, I repeat, NOT checking out a young woman’s ass while at the G8 Summit. Thank goodness, because everyone knows a glimpse of tail can seriously impede one’s ability to make important decisions regarding economic, environmental and global security issues.

This photo of Obama appearing to ogle a woman passing by has made national headlines, but as you’ll see in the video a picture doesn’t always tell the whole story.

Obama was snapped as he was in the midst of turning to help another woman down the stairs. International crisis averted.

However, I can’t vouch for French President Sarkozy.

Although, the bigger question might be – would it be so horrible, so terribly catastrophic, if he was in fact checking out a woman? Would that somehow make him a bad president, a bad husband, a bad father? I’d have to say an emphatic ‘no.’ And something tells me Michelle, Sasha and Malia are having a big laugh about this right about now.