BREAKING NEWS: Jon Gosselin is Inappropriate


jon-gosselin-sundance-morgan-christieThis news out of Sundance: Jon Gosselin is acting in an inappropriate manner and making out with his 25-year-old girlfriend Morgan Christie. I know, I had to sit down when I heard it, too. is reporting that the father of eight is engaging in behavior not befitting a man who left his young children at home to booze it up and watch movies.

“Tons of PDA, holding hands, kissing,” a jealous onlooker says. “They kept walking around, it’s not like they tried to be discreet and stay in a corner. Anyone who saw him remarked how inappropriate it was. Gosselin seemed to love the attention.”

Although it appears Gosselin redeemed himself with his generosity later in the day. “He picked up jewelry for his mother at Rebecca and Eos lip balm for all his children,” an observer reports.

Because as you know — there’s nothing little kids like better than organic lip balm!