Breaking News - Katie Couric Wants to Dust off Her Dancing Shoes


katie couric

Katie Couric has secretly been dreaming of getting an invite to appear on Dancing with the Stars

“My secret fantasy, sadly, is to be on Dancing With the Stars,” Couric tells US Weekly.  “But I don’t know, those skimpy outfits!”

We’re pretty sure the folks over at CBS Newswould put a quick end to any DWTS invitation, but if Kate Gosselin can shake her assets Katie Couric most certainly can too!

She may be a fan of DWTS, but the mom-of-two daughters doesn’t have much appreciation for the rest of the reality shows currently on the air. 

“My daughter watches Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” she said.  “I really don’t understand the whole genre to be honest with you. You know, God love them if they’re willing to invite people into every aspect of their personal life.”

Look for the Dancing with the Star premiere tomorrow night at 8 PM EST / 7 PM CST.

How do you think Katie would do against this season’s DWTS cast?

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