Breaking News! Kim Kardashian Wears Flats. Yes, FLATS!


Kim Kardashian and a friend step out for lunch and shopping driving her blacked out G63 AMG Mercedes Benz SUV in Beverly Hills“I never thought I would ever say this…But I’m wearing flats today,” this was the big revelation in Kim Kardashian news on Monday. The pregnant reality star was spotted in New York City wearing a simple pair of black flats. And yes, this comes as a shock since she JUST told E! that she was going to stay true to her love of high heels.

“I still want to be chic, wearing heels,” she admitted.  “People are like, ‘You should start wearing flats.’ And I’m like, OK, I just went and bought flats for the first time this week and I can’t wear them. They’re not me. Heels make me feel so good.”

But it looks like her pregnancy has different ideas!

Photo Source: Pacific Coast News