BREAKING: Pam Anderson In A Bikini!



Pamela Anderson has been spotted in a bikini!  I know what you are thinking: Oh, we have never seen such a thing!  You’d better take photos of these photos because word on the street is Pammie is going to buy clothes this year!

Couple more pics after the jump

Pam is vacationing in St. Tropez and was aboard a yacht, wearing a bikini and trying hard not to be the center of attention.


OK, I know she’s on vacation, on a boat, went swimming, so yes, it’s not unsual that she’s wearing a bikini.  But does this woman ever wear clothing?  Do her sons, Brandon and Dylan, ever say, “Hey Mom, can you put something decent on?”  Or maybe they freak when they see her in pants and a shirt?


You can see a pantload (or bikiniload) more photos at the ‘source’ below.