Breaking: Real Housewife Of New York Sonja Morgan Arrested


The newest Real Housewife of New York, Sonja Morgan, just recently joined the cast and has been noted as being a breath of fresh air on the reality program. However, in actual reality, she’s more like the breath of a person who has consumed one too many drinks and has no business operating a motor vehicle, but will do it anyway.

Sonja was arrested over the holiday weekend for allegedly driving while intoxicated, reports News 12 Long Island.

She was stopped in the oh-so-swank Hamptons for running a stop sign.  She refused to take a breathalyzer, but failed a field sobriety test.  Luckily no one was hurt…except for maybe her reputation. At 47 years old, she should know better. Plus, what sort of example is she setting for her 9 year old daughter?

Sonja has kept her daughter away from the show’s cameras and comes off like a very protective parent.  She told New York Magazine that when she decided to go on the show, she made sure her daughter understood that there would be negative publicity and talked to her about how to handle it.

“What I explained to my daughter is that there are always people out there that will say something negative, because they’re in their own situation and their own pain,” Sonja said. “When friends talk about it, they’ve been very supportive, and they like that I’m being myself. The moms at school are going crazy; they just think it’s great.”

It’s good advice until bad behavior based on fact hits the papers. Not only will Sonja have to answer to her daughter about why she was driving drunk, but her daughter will no doubt face ridicule at school.