Breckin Meyer: Daddy’s Day Out (Photos)


Breckin Meyer is such a good daddy to his daughter Caitlin!!  He was spotted hanging out at the Farmers Market over the beautiful weekend!

The two were spotted enjoying each other’s company on the local train.

His daughter wins the cuteness prize of little girls with blond curls!!!

Breckin is such a good dad, spending quality time with his daughter!

Check out their adorable photos

  • Breckin Meyer 1 of 7

    He is very patiently waiting with a gorgeous little girl in hand and a cop in front of him!

  • Cute! 2 of 7

    Daddy and trains makes the day complete! Think that man knows who he is?

  • Directions! 3 of 7
    Breckin Meyer

    Not sure there should be directions to ride the train.. right?

  • FUN! 4 of 7

    Daddy will make this the best day ever!!!

  • This is FUN? 5 of 7

    Maybe dad is re-thinking the fun of the train!

  • Hold On!! 6 of 7

    This can get bumpy .. Baby!

  • Colors! 7 of 7

    What a bright and vibrant train! It looks a little off centered!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast
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