Brent Barry Wife - Will Tony Parker Break Erin Barry's Heart?


brent barry wifeBrent Barry’s Wife, Erin Barry, appears to be the ‘other woman’ involved in the breakup of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s three year marriage.  Not only is Tony Parker now on the market, but Erin Barry has also filed for divorce. 

Whether their relationship led to their mutual divorces or there were issues in their marriages to begin with it now seems the two are entwined in each others lives for the time being. 

He helped break up her marriage, but will Tony Parker break Erin Barry’s heart?

It seems that these rebound relationships born out of indiscretion are destined to burn out.  No matter what they do, she would always be the ‘other woman’ who broke up the A-list couple.  In coming months we’ll get to hear the sordid details, but I highly doubt we’ll see a long-term relationship come out of the Tony Parker scandal.  Whether it’s already happened or the heartbreak is yet to come, Erin Barry is destined to have her heart broken.

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