Bret Michaels: Daddy Almost Lost His Head (Video)



Road Warrior Bret Michaels has survived all of the hazards life has thrown at him, from Poison, to heroin addiction, even fatherhood, but he almost bought the farm last night on Broadway. Instead he just got a fractured nose

Sure, rock ‘n’ roll is a dangerous game, but who would have thought the glam rock veteran would almost get decapitated after lip-syncing “Nothin’ But a Good Time” at the freaking Tonys.

You can see Bret’s trademark cowboy hat go flying off if you look really close, but I bet even his daughters Raine, 9, and Jorja, 4, didn’t even notice that Bret’s head got bashed super hard by a set piece during the broadcast.

Bret was only a couple of inches away from one of the most gruesome accidents on live TV … and his family could have watched the whole thing. How traumatic would that be?

Most rock stars aren’t used to hitting their marks like stage actors, and someone in the crew should have probably realized that ahead of time. Singer Curtis Mayfield was killed by a falling stage light at one of his concerts.