Bret Michaels Engaged, Proposes to Kristi Gibson on Reality TV Show


bret-michaelsBret Michaels proposed to Kristi Gibson, the mother of his children after 16 years. The proposal was aired on reality TV on Monday night’s finale of Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It on VH1.

The couple have been together, off-and-on, for over 16 years. Kristi Gibson, 39, is mom to their daughters Raine, 10, and Jorja, 5.  Michaels was recently linked to an affair with Tish Cyrus.  The mom of Miley Cyrus allegedly had an affair with rocker Michaels before separating from husband Billy Ray Cyrus.

In a true reality TV moment, Bret Michaels got down on one knee and asked Gibson, “Please say yes or the rejection will kill me right now.”

The reality TV star and rocker decided to propose to Gibson after she stayed by Michaels’ side earlier this year when he suffered a brain hemorrhage and then a stroke.

“She’s the one who put up with me all these years,” Michaels told about Kristi Gibson. The magazine also reported:

Immediately after Gibson accepted his proposal, they broke the happy news to their little girls, he added. “[I told them] ‘I did it! We’ll all be together forever! Family hug!'”

Is it me or is it about time Bret Michaels put on a ring on? Seriously!

Photo: PacficCoastNews