Brett Favre & Jen Sterger: Why He Should Make A Statement


Brett Favre is caught in a huge mess now that voice mails and some very scandalous images of his no-no parts “allegedly” sent to  Jen Sterger have come out. She rebuffed his advances so nothing physical ever came of it, but it shows what a scum this grandfather is.

When asked about the situation, Brett said, I’m not getting into that. I’ve got my hands full with the Jets.”

Now, if that wasn’t Brett on those calls or he wasn’t guilty, he would have said something, right? So this response sounds like a pretty positive admission of guilt.

So why not come forward? Not stepping up and facing responsibility only allows things to continue to spiral. The media will dig up more dirt on him, more will be uncovered. Brett should own his actions and explain them.

If he has no good explanation, which there never really is, he’ll likely be forgiven anyway if he handles it right. People are apt to forgive their sports heros, if they fall off the wagon once or twice. It’s only when you get into Tiger Woods territory that the rage really begins, and people aren’t even that bothered by Tiger.

Do you agree? I’m thinking public apology to his wife, kids, grand-kids, and fans, followed by a stint in sex rehab.