Brett Favre Scandal: Could the Favre Scandal End His Endorsement Deals?

brett favre scandal end of endorsements jenn sterger
Could the Brett Favre scandal end his endorsement deals?

Could the Brett Favre scandal mean an end to Favre’s endorsement deals is in sight? The now well-known Brett Favre scandal, involving allegations that he was sending racy pictures and sex text messages to Jenn Sterger, a former reporter for the Jets, is definitely doing some damage to his image.

But could the Brett Favre scandal so tarnish his image that it would put an end to his endorsement deals with the likes of Wrangler? If Brett Favre’s endorsement gigs get pulled, he could be looking at missing out on multimillion-dollar deals.

Wrangler is the brand that Brett Favre is most associated with, but he also has had gigs with Snapper lawnmowers and the Remington Model 700 hunting rifle. Favre has also appeared in Smart Car, MasterCard, Nike, Prilosec and Starter ads.

Matt Delzell, group account director of Davie-Brown Talent, which ranks celebrity appeal, says of Favre, “You are talking about family-friendly brands that partnered with Brett and who believe he was the all-American, great family guy and country boy.”

Brett Favre made an estimated $7 million last year in endorsements.

Do you think Brett Favre will lose his endorsement deals? Should he?


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