Brian Wood's Pregnant Widow Erin Wood Talks About Husband's Sacrifice On Today (Video)

brian wood widow
Brian Wood's widow Erin on "Today" show

Brian Wood, the husband who sacrifices himself for pregnant wife, is being remembered as a hero this week after saving his unborn child from a certain death, and his widow paid tribute to him on NBC’s “Today” show. A designer at game developer Relic Entertainment, Wood was driving Erin Wood home when a Chevy Blazer veered toward them. Realizing that if he hit the car head on he and his wife would probably die, Wood jerked the steering wheel right, veering the car left and putting himself in position to bear the impact of the collision.

“That was a choice that he made to sacrifice himself to keep me and the baby safe because that’s just the kind of guy he was, always,” said a tearful Erin Wood on “Today.” Continue for the video of her appearance, as well as what gamers have done to show their appreciation for Wood.

Gamers set up a memorial trust fund for Wood and her unborn child, which was linked to on Facebook and Twitter, where thousands have also voiced their support for Wood. It’s been a beautiful outpouring of support for the ultimate sacrifice a father could give.

Erin Wood was so grateful she sent an open letter to gamers to the gaming blog Kataku. Here’s a link to the Brian Wood Memorial Trust, and here’s the touching video.


Photo: NBC’s Today