Bride Wars: Fellow Rhinebeck Bride Worries Chelsea Clinton Will Ruin Her Wedding Day


The hullabaloo surrounding Chelsea Clinton’s wedding is at near insane proportions with everyone speculating over every last $3 million detail from the type of fork used during the brunch to the ink used on invitations. Security guards and press and paparazzi and guests are going to be crawling all over Rhinebeck, New York in what is sure to be chaos. So imagine if you were getting married on the same day in that town!

Meet Emn Haddad-Friedman. She and her fiance are holding their wedding at the Clermont Historic Site, just 5 minutes from Rhinebeck. The reception is to be held 20 minutes away at a reception hall in the Dinsmore in Staatsburg. The problem? Astor Court, the exact location of Chelsea’s affair, is in between the two locales. Yikes!

“Chelsea Clinton has taken what was supposed to be a special day for me turned it into hell,” says Emn. “If Chelsea’s wedding does happen, they’ll probably close all the roads and my guests will have to drive for an hour and a half to get from my ceremony to the reception, if they get there at all.”

Emn only learned of Chelsea’s wedding location on July 3rd, after her planning was done and the deposits paid.  “All our invitations were sent and many of our vendors were booked on the other dates. Now I’m freaking out, and my mom is going nuts.”

Emn’s mother Orly planned and is paying for her daughter’s entire wedding so it is understandable that she is having a hard time with this. Police can not even give her any details because they are under strict confidentiality!  And what’s more: Both brides are using the same restaurant, Terrapin.  Emn is using their catering services, while Chelsea is holding her rehersal dinner there.

“If none of the guests can get to the wedding, we’re still getting married. The officiant is only 10 minutes away. As long as we’re there, a witness and some one who can marry us, we’re doing it.” And if one of those four people can’t make it? “I’m prepared to call the police and beg,” Emn said.

We wish her good luck!