Bridget Hardy, Urkel's Baby-Momma, Claims Abuse


jaleel whiteBridget Hardy, the estranged girlfriend of Jaleel White (Urkel from Family Matters), is accusing the former TV star of serious abuse. It’s a shocking allegation, both because Jaleel was beloved as TV’s most extreme ubernerd, and because he and Hardy have an infant son together. Read on for details of her allegations, and for his rebuttal.

Sources tell that, according to the police report, “the alleged victim claims White allegedly punched her in one of her breast implants while they were driving on Pacific Coast Highway two weeks ago, with an infant in the car. We’re told, she claims when they got home White allegedly slapped her, and pushed her into a toilet so hard it broke the tank.”

White denies all allegations thought his lawyers, who say Bridget Hardy is merely angling to get full custody of their child. 

He said, she said? Until we get a better look at that police report, it’s tough to know what really happened. Jaleel, now 33, has stayed largely under the radar in recent years. He graduated from UCLA in 2001, and since then has done a number of small movie parts and TV guest roles (including appearances on Psyche and Boston Legal), but his only full-time gigs have been on the internet. He’s starred in the web series Road to the Altar and, currently, headlines the web’s Fake It Til You Make It (which he also produces and writes).  

The photo above shows Jaleel this past April, partying with Doug Reinhardt.


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